Saturday, 3 March 2012

Superpoints - Another earn points and redeem for prizes site!

Superpoints  is an invite-only “paid to click” site where  you earn points and trade them in for prizes.  You sign up via a link given to you by a friend. You fill out your profile and validate your email. Then you begin by clicking the “Super Lucky Button” (SLB) each day to earn points. 

There are different levels of membership.  For example, a basic level membership will give you 30 spins on the SLB each day, but you have to reach 2,500 points before you are able to cash out.  I was at the basic level for about a week, and earned points slowly.  The pace picked up when I reached gold level membership.  I had 2 friends sign up from my link and complete their profiles to reach the basic level.  I then had 50 spins on the SLB a day, plus I was winning what my friends were spinning on the SLB.  The downside was I still had to hit 1000 points before I could cash out.  The highest level you can achieve is platinum level membership, where 5 friends sign up from your link and complete their profiles reaching the basic level.  At this level, you get 100 spins on the SLB, you win what your friends win on the SLB FOR LIFE (unlike Swagbucks where you earn what your friends earn only up to 1000 points) plus you win what they win from doing surveys.   At this level, you can cash out when you reach 500 points!

I have been at the platinum level for about two weeks, and I have cashed out for two $5 Amazon gift cards, and I am 40 points away from another $5 Amazon gift card!

How did I do it?  First, you receive 25 points when your friend signs up, completing their profile and uploading a picture.  Second, I use up all 100 clicks on my SLB every day.  Third, I open my lucky email daily (here I have received 1-25 points a day) Last, I complete whatever free offers are available.  I don’t download anything, because I don’t want to end up with a virus or something.  I mainly join the sites they recommend, add apps and Facebook  games.  Don’t forget, I win what my friends win on the SLB!  That’s it!  But you have to keep up with it every day!  I have made anywhere from 10-200 points a day, depending on the offers, and what I win on the SLB and my lucky email!

Here is what I have earned so far!

So, what are you waiting for?  Start making money today!

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